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The field of global health is a priority that focuses on improving the health of all people around the world. It involves collaboration among various disciplines and aims to achieve equity in the health of all individuals. It also consists of the development of effective population-based prevention strategies.

Understanding the various components of global health is very important to ensure that you can make informed decisions regarding its implementation.

Improves Health

Although the concept of health is often associated with the care of a physical or medical condition, it is also related to the well-being of individuals. According to the World Health Organization’s 1946 Constitution, health is a state of complete physical, social, and mental well-being. This means that improving the quality of health requires the involvement of all three components.

Achieves Equity

Despite the availability of good health, people’s choices regarding their health can be affected by various factors. This is why the various components of global health must focus on improving all individuals’ well-being. This can be done through the elimination of healthcare disparities and the addressing of environmental and social determinants.

Goes Worldwide

Some of the health issues that can be considered transnational include diseases that can affect multiple countries. Also, factors such as pollution and climate change can affect the well-being of individuals.

Combines Multiple Disciplines

The complexity of global health issues is due to the different factors affecting an individual’s well-being. These factors can be addressed from different perspectives, such as political, economic, environmental, technological, and infrastructural. The diverse perspectives disciplines bring to the table can help develop effective solutions.

Builds Partnerships

One of the most important factors that global health organizations and sectors need to consider when it comes to addressing the complexity of global health issues is the establishment of effective partnerships. This can be done by exchanging knowledge and skills among various stakeholder groups.

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